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WiFi - The Strongest Link - 1.1.1

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تقويه أشارة الواي فاي وحفظ باسوردات الشبكات

Compatible with iPod, iPhone & iPad, iOS 7.0 -> 9.3.3 • Automatically switch to the strongest Wi-Fi network around you • Enhance your device’s Wi-Fi scan range • Detailed description of each Wi-Fi network (BSSID, Security, etc) • List of your Wi-Fi networks’ passwords When dealing with multiple known Wi-Fi networks that overlap one another, your device will ‘stick’ to the first connected network even if its signal strength is weaker than the others, ‘WiFi - The Strongest Link’ will boost your Wi-Fi capabilities and switch to the strongest of your networks. ‘WiFi - The Strongest Link’ will also boost the Wi-Fi scan range so more Wi-Fi networks will be visible. *All the settings and options are handled inside Settings → Wi-Fi


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