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Watchdog Pro - 1.0.2

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تشغيل البرامج والفيديو في الخلفيه

Watchdog Pro is the first fully fledged backgrounding manager tweak for iOS 8. Watchdog Pro Introduces three new backgrounding behaviours: - Smart Background - Prevent Suspension - Keep in Foreground Watchdog Pro also includes: - Auto Launch - Prevent Termination - Full Activator Support with NO dependency Smart Background forces applications to suspend as soon a they enter the background allowing for improved battery life. Prevent Suspension allows applications that support native backgrounding to run in the background indefinitely. Keep in Foreground allows applications that do not support native backgrounding to run in the background as if they were currently in use by the user. Uses: - Downloading or uploading files in the background. - Listening to video streams like Twitch in the background. - Forcing pesky applications like Facebook or Snapchat to suspend saving battery. - Run SmartWatch+ in the background forever allowing for continuos connection. - Switch between applications without worrying about it reloading and losing your spot. - And much more! Configure options from Settings. See larger Screenshots below..


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