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PokemonGoAnywhere - 1.0.2-2+debug

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PokemonGoAnywhere Touch to walk around the world in PokemonGo Keep the map pointed north. Top button is speed, second buttons toggles touch to walk. You should begin walking in the direction of your touch. Also supports force touch Change Log: 1.0.2 Added button to hide UI. This will turn off the tweak completely and send you back to your real location. I'll be adding a second option soon to hide the UI but remain in place. 1.0.1 Slowed down patrol mode speed. Hatching eggs at 1x works much better. Also improved Tap To Walk to be more accurate and you can now click UI elements again with Tap To Walk on. 1.0.0 Added Patrol mode. Automatically walk around in a circle finding pokemon and hatching eggs.


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