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iOS 9/10/11 - Untrusted Hosts Blocker - 1.3.0

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د: اقوى أداة لحجب الاعلانات من المواقع و التطبيقات Blocks around 3,000 blacklisted hosts! . This tweak's main goal is to block a maximum of third-party hosts used by your applications that have been identified as collecting personal and confidential data (location, contacts, UDID, etc.) for commercial, tracking or advertising purpose. . This package will add all blacklisted hosts to your /etc/hosts file. It will NOT overwrite your custom hosts file (if you already have custom entries in your hosts file, they will remain untouched)! . If you are unhappy with this hack you can uninstall this package. It will ONLY remove the installed entries by the tweak and leave untouched any other entries you may have added manually to the hosts file. But make sure to wait until the end of the uninstallation process. In case your hosts file is broken (should never happen), the installation or uninstallation script will repair it. . If Internet is not working on your device anymore after installing this tweak, it means your /etc/hosts file is too big for mDNSResponder. If that happens, please uninstall this tweak, then install


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