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HideMeX (iOS 9) - 1.4.8

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Compatible with iOS 9 Compatible with all iPhones and iPads. Also available, HideMe8 (iOS 8), and HideMe7 (iOS 7) HideMeX is a complete iOS customizing experience like no other. Putting control back into the users hands, HideMeX allows the customization of your device like no other. HideMeX gives you the power to easily change many aspects of the device you love. Hide icon labels, change lock screen clock text sizes, give blurs your own custom color tint, replace blur styles and more. Take control over your device and customize it to your liking. More options include: -Suppressing Alerts - Suppress numerous system alerts which become annoying over time. Animations Allow touch during animation Slow factor AppSwitcher Force touch (Pop from side, Commit haptic, Initial haptic) *Switcher cards (dim innactive, dim tint, remove innactive cards, hide app icons and labels) Switcher wallpaper (Blur style, blur amount, saturation amount, damping amount) Switcher homescreen card wallpaper (same as above) Control Center Show on first swipe Section hiding (airdrop, brightness, music, quicklaunch, settings) Disable on lockscreen Hide separators Hide darkening view Round top corners Force circle/square buttons Old bounce Grabber (custom color/opacity) Background (color/opacity) Dock Blur style Folders Appearance (icon blur, icon grid, folder blur, hide title) Folder behaviour (nested folders, pinch to close) Force touch Hide wallpaper blur Dim instead of blur Dim icon alpha Colourize blur Corner radius Icon margin Row height Row width Subtitle color Title color Homescreen Hide page dots Spotlight (hide blur, disable, disable side, disable top) Wallpaper (disable zoom, hide gradient, suppress parallax) Icons App hide (hide icons, hide in switcher) Icon appearance (colourize badges, hide all badges, hide only folder badges, hide all labels, hide docked labels, hide folder labels, hide label shadow, hide tapped icon shadow, hide blue or orange dot) Lock screen Hide cancel or emergency buttons Grabbers (hide camera(functional or disabled), hide CC, hide NC) Date label (hide date, custom size, hide percent charged) Clock label (display seconds, hide time clock, custom color, custom size) Slide to unlock (hide chevron, hide slide to unlock, glint, no delay in showing) Tint (custom alpha) Disable blur Disable buy button Disable screen bounce Customize (slide to unlock, touch id, date text, enter passcode) Notification center Disable everywhere Show on first swipe Appearance (hide bottom separator, hide section tabs, hide status bar, hide today date, sort by apps) Status Bar Hide on lockscreen Same size everywhere Hiding of all different icons Lowercase AM/PM Custom carrier text Custom Time format With localization for different languages, you'll enjoy a fully personal experience like never before. Get started on your complete iOS makeover today with HideMeX Configure options from Settings. See larger Screenshots below..


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