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AppDye 2 (iOS 9) - 1.0.1

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Compatible with iOS 9 AppDye 2 changes colors of various UI elements throughout iOS. AppDye's Global Color can be set to a color of your choice or the current app's Icon Color. Every option can be changed for each application via Application Scope. AppDye 2 customizes: Buttons Switches Keyboard Status Bar SMS Bubbles Notification Center Control Center Volume HUD Folders Icon Badges Tab Bar Items Navigation Bar Items Sliders Segmented Control Instagram UI UIViews Compatible with almost every single app! You can also choose to override the Control Center, Notification Center, and Volume HUD with the color of the playing song's album artwork. Special thanks to @iMokhles, @ronthakrar, @ziph0n, @rob311apps, @NoelielDev, and @PixelFireDev! See larger Screenshots below..


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