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Alympus - 1.2

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Alympus is a new home for your apps, music and toggles. App Switcher To enter Alympus, simply swipe up from the bottom of your screen to view all of your recently launched apps as 1 card, 4 cards, 9 cards or as icons. Easily transition between views with a simple pinch gesture. Music Player A swipe to the left of the App Switcher will bring you to a stunning music player where your music is at the center of attention. Double tap the album art to launch the music app directly or triple tap to switch between the two styles. Play, pause, skip, repeat and more from this beautiful full-screen music player. Toggles Screen Enter Airplane mode, toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, change the screen brightness and get at your recent contacts all on one screen. Gesture Control To give you a fast and efficient way to get at your music or toggles without having to stop at the app switcher, we came up with ‘Continuous Swipe’. Swipe up from the bottom of your screen and without lifting your finger, swipe to the right to slide directly into your music or toggles screen. Preferences In Alympus’ preferences, you have the ability to change the swipe up gesture from ‘Continuous Swipe’: to close the current running application, giving you quick access to your home screen; or to bring up the control center like normal. The choice is yours. Overview We took full advantage of the iPhone’s big screen by showcasing more apps in the app switcher and by offering a stunning new music player, toggles and your most recent contacts. This is your new home. Welcome to Alympus! See larger Screenshots below...


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